“The APA has been extremely busy working to advance our core objective – supporting and enhancing the State Pilot System.  We are currently assisting a number of pilot groups with legislative, regulatory, and judicial matters.  On the national front, we have been busy with the new Congress, as well as federal agencies like the Coast Guard, NTSB and NOAA.  Internationally, we continue to be fully engaged, working alongside IMPA to protect pilots’ interests at key international forums like the IMO and IALA.” - Clay Diamond

"Every day we read about the latest technological advances in shipping. Some of these advances are practical and realistic, others seem purely academic and far-fetched.  Regardless of the hype, we know that pilots have always been at the forefront in the thoughtful integration of technology into ship navigation.  PPUs are the most effective and innovative technology that has been brought aboard ships in decades.  We must continue to be leaders in promoting and using navigation technology that can make shipping safer, but always staying rooted in the traditional art of piloting.  In the end, we must always keep in mind that we are pilots and our job is to pilot ships.” - Captain Jorge Viso

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