“State pilots and their role in shipping are a very positive and important story that Americans need to know and understand. The news media can help or hinder in telling their story.  Media training levels the playing field so pilots can get their story across to the public.” - The Pilots PIO

The Advantage 5.0 
Media training tailored to prepare pilots
Level the playing field!

My media training continually draws upon the lessons learned from my experiences in advising and counseling pilots on how to navigate a variety of situations ranging from good to challenging.  I take the strategies and messaging that are tried, tested and proven successful elsewhere and share them with pilots.  To stay ahead of the game, pilots must stay on top of the game.  That’s how you start to level the playing field!

“Video interview exercise was essential for this class. Very good experience.”
Captain Jorge Viso 

President - American Pilots Association

“Henry is knowledgable of our particular business which allowed him to tailor the interviews to a specific incident ... made the training realistic.”
C. LaHaye, Sabine Pilots

“Very informative. Really showed how a short interview can go prepared vs unprepared.”
L. Pullin, SE Alaska Pilots

“Henry, you do a great job by adding new information.”
S. Hathorn, NORBRA Pilots

“Practice on camera interviews was especially helpful.”
T. Heberle, Hawaii Pilots

“Great eye opener.  Excellent course.”
R. Williams, BCC Pilots

“Excellent trial interview. I feel more secure in my ability to handle an interview better and be in control.”
E. Warner, Sabine Pilots

“Henry did a wonderful job in preparing me for an ambush interview.”
T. Wattigney, NOBRA Pilots

“Very useful - to see one’s self on tv is priceless for interviewing techniques.”
J. Halvorsen, Galv-TX City Pilots

“Truly enjoyed the class.”
R. Baker, Pascagoula Pilots

“I am much more comfortable with the prospects of giving an interview.”
M. Taylor, Sabine Pilots

"Very effective--surpassed my expectations."
M. Saunders, Galv-Tx City Pilots

“This training will be helpful in many areas of my job.”
E. Collins, SE Alaska Pilots

“Great course. Very good practical interviews, helping me with being in front of the camera.”
S. Brown, Hawaii Pilots

“Excellent. I think every pilot should take this course.”
S. Murphy, Corpus Pilots

“Good exercises, good drills, valuable experiences in training.”
E Enos, Hawaii Pilots

“Great course that continues to evolve and get better.”
M. Morris, Houston Pilots

“Very valuable. Needs to be taken on a periodic basis.”
J. Williams, Corpus Pilots

“Valuable lessons to remember.”
M. Hails, Columbia River Bar Pilots

“Achieved the goals I have.”
M. Titone, Columbia River Bar Pilots