Navigating in a constantly changing communications environment

All services are designed to level the communications playing field by enabling pilot associations to control and to communicate their message.  The menu of services includes the following:

Messaging - The Pilots PIO assists pilot associations with preparing messages that address their issues and concerns so that their side of story is effectively communicated.

24/7/365 Response - The Pilots PIO is available on standby to respond to any pilot alerts following an incident – minor or major.  Minor incidents usually can be handled by The Pilots PIO from Houston, working directly with reporters and through U.S. Coast Guard.  When an incident becomes a Federal response, then The Pilots PIO will travel to the scene and operate within the Joint Information Center established by the Unified Command for managing public information.  He will remain on the scene for as long as is necessary to be of service to the pilots.

USCG/NTSB/Pilot Commission Hearings – The Pilots PIO is available to prepare pilots in advance of public hearings, to monitor the proceedings and to assist pilot groups with investigative hearings as well as handling media inquiries related to published reports of findings and recommendations.

Pilot Media Policy – The Pilots PIO has developed a media policy for pilot associations that instructs all pilots and employees on procedures for handling media inquiries.  The media policy is effective in avoiding miscommunications between pilots and reporters.

The Advantage – The Pilots PIO provides the officers of pilot associations with a half-day (4 hrs) media training class that features video-taped role playing in how to stay on message and effectively handle media interviews, inquiries and unexpected encounters.

Periodic Communication Updates – The Pilots PIO provides periodic briefings for updating pilot associations on timely developments involving pilot communications.  The briefings are intended to provide valuable information, insights and intelligence on lessons learned.

Incident Management Briefings - The Pilots PIO offers a variety of briefings for educating
pilots on the National Incident Management System, Unified Command System, Federal responses, and other incident topics.

Special Projects – The Pilots PIO is available to tackle special projects involving communications, such as newsworthy announcements and developments involving pilots and the pilots association.