New video captures highlights and testimonials

touting Houston coordination course for  Brownwater and  Bluewater Captains

The Houston Pilots recently hosted the fifth installment of a two-day symposium for blue and brown water captains responsible for guiding ships, vessels and barges in Port Houston.  The assembly boasted several hundred years of accumulated maritime experience.

The program premiered in 2016 following a ship-barge collision with the goal of creating facilitated dialog between the professionals who work on the water in and around the Houston Ship Channel.  The aim is to improve communications, trust and general knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of different vessels using the waterway.  The symposium is presented in coordination with the Port of Houston 
Authority, Houston Pilots, G&H Towing, Kirby Marine, Buffalo Marine and Higman Barge Lines.  George Burkley, executive director of the Maritime Pilot Institute, developed the curriculum and David Foret, president of ACTion Group Cos., facilitated the discussion which included case studies and break out discussions.  Presenters included COTP USCG Captain Kevin D. Oditt, VTS Houston/Galveston Director Steven W. Nerheim, and M. Tyler Gavis, manager of Pilot Administration for the Port of Houston Authority. 

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