"Pilots communications

is my wheelhouse."

Qualified and experienced - above and beyond!

Public information and communications about a USCG Response to an active maritime incident - such as a grounding, allision, collision, fire or oil spill - is managed in a Joint Information Center (JIC) manned by qualified Public Information Officers (PIO's). The size, severity and complexity of an incident determines the required PIO qualifications. The Pilots PIO has earned the certifications required  for managing and communicating public information at the highest levels of a JIC involving any type of incident.

The Pilots PIO's qualifications actually exceed that required by FEMA for managing information at a Type-1 major incident. These certifications, shown below, include IS-42, IS-100, IS-200, G-300, G-400, IS-700, IS-702, IS-800.

The Pilots PIO also has the unique experience of managing public information at the DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL SPILL - a Type 1 Major Incident - and at the most serious incidents involving American pilots.  

In short, the Pilots PIO has both the experience and qualifications to handle pilots communications in ANY situation, regardless of size, severity, complexity and the number of parties of interest.