14,167 Transits over four decades of service

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Texas State Pilots Association (TSPA) stand in honor of Brazos Pilot RET. Captain John G. Gunning.   Pictured with Gunning l-r: APA President Captain Jorge Viso, TSPA VP Captain Robert M. Shearon, TSPA President Captain Rick Casas.   Photo: ThePilotsPIO

Houston, TX April 7, 2017 - The Texas State Pilots Association honored Captain John G. Gunning for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the profession and association.  "Captain Gunning’s career is nothing short of exemplary," said Brazos Pilots Presiding Officer Captain Daniel Blanton.

After 39 years of valued service, Captain Gunning retired on Sept 22, 2016 from the Brazos Pilots.  But, most notably, not before completing 14,167 movements.  "Those 14,167 movements established a record that remains the standard today for the Texas Pilots," said Captain Blanton.

Captain Gunning is a graduate of Texas A&M University and earned a Master’s degree at the University of Houston.  He later was an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M and an Associate Professor and Division Chair at the Brazosport College Oceanic and Marine Technology Program.

He served aboard Tankers with Gulf Oil, Cargo ships in the Far East trade with Lykes Brothers , Bulk Carriers in the middle east with Transport Commercial Corp, and US Army Corps of engineers ocean going hopper dredge maintaining Texas deep draft  Ports.

He was appointed deputy Branch Pilot for the Port of Freeport 1978 and appointed a Branch Pilot in 1979 by Governor Bill Clements.  His natural leadership skills are well known to everyone.  He is a past president of the Texas State Pilots Association, served as a Texas State Trustee for the American Pilots Association as well as the Chair of the APA Finance Committee.

And Captain Gunning values his service as a Trustee for the “Scottish Rite Hospital for Children” in Dallas.